Eliminate barriers.

In eCommerce, doing a fantastic job or getting lucky can be a terrible thing. A great marketing campaign or spike in customer interest can crash your site. Besides losing all of your sales for the day and ticking off your customers, you may be seized by the gut-wrenching, head-spinning feeling of a missed opportunity. For the longest time, the only solution for this was to throw away money on servers you almost never use, or buy a pillow to scream and cry into every few quarters.

Luckily this universal experience is no longer universal. By forgoing open-source the customers of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Demandware, can share one code base and work on one version of the software. As a Salesforce Commerce Cloud customer, your site rests on servers across the world, ready to automatically scale up in a moments notice, should traffic increase. Why build like this? Because Salesforce Commerce Cloud shares in your successes through a revenue-sharing pricing model. They’re only successful if you are. Also because of this multi-tenant cloud-structure, integrations are easy, software updates are truly seamless, and page load times are lightning fast (think half-a-second on average!).

For several years, Blue Acorn searched for a second platform that would allow us to deliver more quality development and data-driven designs. After evaluating and scoring several platforms based on a long list of criteria, Salesforce Commerce Cloud ultimately rose to the top.

pre-integrated partners
average site availability (since 2005)
certified integrations
customers served monthly

Cloud Solution and Pods

Never worry about an increase in traffic taking your site down. Commerce Cloud’s infrastructure is always ready to support your most ambitious marketing initiatives.

Truly Seamless Upgrades

Because Commerce Cloud is a propriety solution, platform upgrades, which occur up to eight times a year, are truly seamless and have absolutely no cost to you.

Application Integration

Integrations can drain your budget, but because every Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients runs on a single code base using the same version of the software, adding functionality with pre-built integrations is a cinch.

"We are pleased to welcome Blue Acorn as a new LINK Solution Partner. With extensive experience and an exclusive focus on eCommerce, Blue Acorn can offer our clients proven strategies that will help them drive the growth of their online businesses."

− Tom Griffin, COO of Salesforce Commerce Cloud