Magento Services

Magento is like a powerful airplane. Pick the right pilot, and you can circle the globe. Pick the wrong pilot, and you’ll be enjoying a permanent detour to the bottom of the ocean. Luckily, Blue Acorn’s hanger is full of sharp pilots.

"When we set out to find the Most Innovative Magento Site of 2011, our number one priority was finding a site that maximized the possibilities of Magento Enterprise. Blue Acorn's work with Reed & Barton stood out as a site that not only exhibits remarkable creativity and ingenuity, but also showcases Magento Enterprise features, customizations, and integrations. Although many partners and merchants found creative ways to utilize Magento Enterprise’s capabilities, Blue Acorn’s expertise in leveraging the platform as a central component of delivering eCommerce growth was exemplary."

Magento Jary Carter
Jary Carter VP of Worldwide Sales Magento, Inc.

Award-Winning Magento Expertise

Magento Partner Awards ImagineIn the Fall of 2011, Magento, Inc. announced that it would be giving away a new award to the Solution Partner responsible for building the "Most Innovative Magento Site" that year.

Submissions poured in from Solution Partners around the world. Magento was tasked with picking three finalists, and the winner would be decided at Magento's 2nd Annual Imagine Conference in April 2012. That award went to Blue Acorn for our work on Reed & Barton's new eCommerce solution. The award was actually one of two awards we received at the conference. The other recognized Blue Acorn as a Fast & Emerging Partner for the tremendous growth our company experienced in 2011. We grew from eleven to thirty-one team members that year, and we are proud to have them all working under the same roof in our Charleston office.

As one of the earliest adopters of Magento, we were also one of the first members of their Solution Partner Program and have accumulated a wealth of experience developing on the platform. So when Magento Inc. created a Developer Certification Program, which assesses both the needs of Magento-based retailers and the abilities that expert Magento developers should possess, Blue Acorn’s own Kevin Eichelberger and Ben Marks were natural selections for the original fifteen-member Certification Advisory Board.

Our participation in the developmentKevin Eichelberger Magento Innovate and instruction of Magento U's eCommerce with Magento, Magento Theming, and Magento Development training programs further illustrates our commitment to ensuring proper implementations of Magento, which is why we have been asked to speak at both X.commerce's Innovate Conference and Magento's annual Imagine Conference. We pride ourselves as more than just users of Magento. We like to give back. In fact, that's how our company started, with an in-house blog designed to educate readers on the latest Magento news and technology.

Magento Implementation Services

The Magento experts at Blue Acorn have seen every type of Magento implementation out there. So whether you’re looking to build a new site on Magento, transition an existing site to Magento from another platform, or update your current version of Magento - we can make it happen.

Magento Enterprise Edition Implementation

Our implementation services span design, development, and post-implementation services. We are well-versed in helping our clients get the most out of Magento Enterprise Edition features, and our aforementioned expertise is what enables us to enjoy a stellar success rate. A lot of agencies will claim they know Magento. We have the certifications, awards, and portfolio to back it up.

Magento Development

Blue Acorn Magento CertificationsBlue Acorn has unmatched experience when it comes to developing with Magento. Having eleven Magento Certified Developers on board - six who have earned the distinction of Certified Developer Plus - means we know a thing or two. In fact, we also train other Magento developers.

As a Magento Gold Solution Partner, Blue Acorn adheres to all Magento development best practices with performance and longevity in mind. We also follow current development methodologies and structure with dedicated quality assurance testing, code repositories, and development tools to ensure quality and reliability of our code and your site. We’ve done it all, from integrations with backend systems to custom frontend functionality to custom reporting.

Magento Integrations

Magento Custom Integrations

We understand that Magento is just one of the technological tools that contributes to the success of your business. Therefore, it needs to play well with the systems responsible for your enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, payment gateways, email marketing, and the like. The tools above are just a few of the tools we’ve integrated with Magento. With so many custom integrations under our belt, we are confident that we can create a seamless integration between such systems and your Magento site.

Magento Marketing

Building a superior eCommerce site - in and of itself - doesn’t guarantee eCommerce success. This is exactly why Blue Acorn has been perfecting our marketing services since day one, and as the capabilities and available technologies that drive online marketing continue to evolve, we continue to find ways to leverage them to our clients’ advantage.

Analytics lies at the heart of online marketing efforts, and we are proud to be one of a select group of agencies that is both a Magento Gold Solution Partner and a Google Analytics Certified Partner. In addition to that, we are also a Google AdWords Certified Partner, which means we can optimize your PPC advertising down to the very long tail based off of your Magento product catalog.

Magento and Google Marketing

Our Magento and analytics expertise lends itself equally well to implementing an affiliate program on Magento, taking Magento's built-in SEO friendliness to the next level, and integrating your Magento store with 3rd party data feeds and price comparison search engines.

Magento Performance Optimization

We are firm believers that performance is a critical factor with regards to conversion and for good reason. We've found that a 1-second delay in page response can result in an 11% reduction in conversions. Many people struggle with Magento performance, and we’ve been able to solve such problems in many different scenarios.

All of our System Architects are Magento Certified Plus developers, and we have developed a best set of practices to maximize your site’s performance potential. We like to approach optimizing your Magento performance by examining your infrastructure, application-level performance, additional server-side logic, client-side optimization, and whether or not you should be taking advantage of additional optimization techniques (CDNs, varnish, caching, etc.).

Once your site has reached its maximum performance potential, you’ll want to keep it there. Our automated performance monitoring service offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing it is remaining at that level.


“Through their involvement, dedication, and innovation in the ecommerce ecosystem, Blue Acorn has steadily grown their Magento practice, the stature of their clients and likewise elevated themselves to the forefront of the Magento solution partner channel. We proudly recognize Blue Acorn as a Fast & Emerging Partner because of their success, and the high standards to which they hold themselves - in the end delivering innovative and high-quality Magento Enterprise based stores for customers."

Scott Dahlgren of Magento
Scott Dahlgren Department Head Magento Channel Sales Magento, Inc.