Watch Our Magento Webinar on eCommerce Conversion Testing

Test Your Way to Success Magento eCommerce Conversion Optimization Webinar

Last month, Blue Acorn Founder & CEO, Kevin Eichelberger, covered the benefits and various methods of Conversion Optimization testing for eCommerce in a live webinar hosted by Magento, Inc. It was a glorious hour for those who wanted to learn how to grow their revenue through Conversion Optimization testing, but once it was over, it was no more. Until now…

Magento, Inc. has posted a video of the webinar, a PDF of the slides used, and the questions and answers that followed on their site. You can access the video by clicking here. You may be asked to enter in your name and email address to register for the webinar. Don’t worry. It’s all legit. If you’re a Mac user, you will have to install Windows Media Player for Mac (I know), but Magento is kind enough to include the link on that page.

The PDF of the slides can be downloaded by clicking here. The PDF of the Q&A can be downloaded by clicking here.

In Test Your Way to Success – Using Conversion Testing to Grow Your Revenue, Kevin covers the process, methodologies, and technologies available for testing, which are accompanied by real examples of both A/B and MVT tests that you can run on your site. This is a great webinar for those interested in setting up a test themselves or those who simply want to educate themselves on the topic before picking out an eCommerce agency that specializes in Conversion Optimization.

by Marketing Manager
Justin is the Marketing Manager at Blue Acorn and has been into all things digital and online for as long as he remembers. He got his start in the eCommerce industry when he joined a consumer electronics manufacturer after college, where he came to manage their eCommerce programs. He now enjoys soaking up the technical side of things at Blue Acorn, where he continues to be thankful for a feel good work environment that is flip-flop friendly.