The Situation

Germany owes its legendary reputation for engineering to more than just fast cars. The largest member of the EU produces some of the finest knives, flatware, and culinary equipment the world has to offer. One company behind such products is WMF. But despite their annual sales reaching nearly ten figures, most people on this side of the pond have never heard the name WMF. Despite several years in the US, WMF America hasn’t made many steps towards duplicating the success achieved abroad – not until recently.

The Solution

WMF America needed to turn up the dials on revenue and brand awareness. When they came to Blue Acorn, they had a logical philosophy: duplicate Germany’s business model and duplicate Germany’s success. We suggested a more complex approach. We removed inefficiencies in order management and carefully modified the design without changing the brand. The design falls in line with the German experience, but, using feedback from user testing, we addressed elements to fit an American audience.

SAP Integration

Blue Acorn removed a step in the backend and integrated Magento directly with SAP. Besides saving money on licensing, our integration streamlined order processing and saved WMF tens of thousands in overhead costs.

User Testing

Afterwards, user testing confirmed that our approach was sound, but it also gave our Optimization Team several ideas for future testing.

Product Attributes

Using our experience with Reed & Barton, we added attributes to every product that allows users to search and sort by countless categories like material type and product dimensions.

increase in revenue YOY
revenue per visitor YOY
increase in conversion rate

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