Confidence Builders

For this test, we relocated “checkout” button and changed the CTAs to orange. Additionally, we added a Satisfaction Guaranteed label as well as a Free Shipping message, which calculated the free shipping threshold. These changes accounted for an increase of 3.1% in Revenue. By using the Satisfaction Guaranteed and Free Shipping value prop together, we provided additional purchasing confidence while also increasing the average order value by 2.6%


Product Pricing Test

We removed the cents from the product price, leaving a round dollar amount. We hypothesized that users associate the length of the price with the cost of the product, so shortening the price would unconsciously indicate to the customer that it costs less. This test reached 100% statistical significance after 48 hours but we continued to run it for a week. All KPIs saw an increase with RPV increasing 47.2%, Conversion Rate increasing 29% and Add to Cart Button clicks increasing 9.3%.


Category Page Column Layout

Blue Acorn tested changing the number of columns on the product results page from 4 to 3, which allowed for larger images. This resulted in a CR increase of 11.8% and RPV increase of 16.5%

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