The Situation

VeggieTales has sold over 70 million videos, 15 million books, and more than 7 million CDs. After they had their site designed and built by another agency, they suspected that the design was causing their revenue and conversion rates to suffer. They came to the Optimization Team at Blue Acorn for direction and results. Our research into the user experience and analytics led us to create a variation and a test for three distinct page types: the category page, the product page, and the checkout page.

The Solution

First, our UX audit noted that large, bright banners on the category pages were distracting customers from finding products they wanted and continuing to the product page. Next, our custom heat mapping tools confirmed that the product pages had poor spacing, distracting attributes, and lacked organization. Lastly, analytics revealed that the cart to checkout success was below average. Using these findings, we created variations, each resulting in significant gains in revenue per visitor.

Revenue Per Visitor Gains

Increasing our clients’ conversion rates is easy if they agree to start to selling everything at 90% off, but that would kill their revenue. Constantly attempting to improve your conversion rate is still a smart idea. However, eCommerce merchants should focus on RPV as their primary Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

revenue per product page visitor


revenue per checkout page visitor


revenue per category page visitor


revenue per homepage visitor with social media changes

increase in RPV YOY
increase in sitewide conversion rate
increase in revenue per mobile visitor

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