Mobile: Two Are Better Than One

By testing a two-columned category page layout and testing the duplication of the “start checkout” button at the top of the cart page on mobile, Blue Acorn was able to maximize browsing and checkout efficiency for Too Faced’s mobile users. We were also able to get more users successfully through the shopping funnel for both of these tests. As a result, the Too Faced team has implemented the duplicate checkout button, two column category page layout, and a new product detail page layout from our testing results.


Up Next

Knowing that Too Faced’s customers love to try free samples of new products (who doesn’t?), Blue Acorn is currently testing a revamped samples selection experience in the checkout funnel. While we eagerly await the results, we’re also developing a roadmap to test how to best position promotional content throughout the site, which will be an area of focus as we develop our next set of testing ideas.

increase in revenue per visitor
increase in clickthrough rate

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