Working in Parallel

We  focused on creating pages that are vital to the shopping funnel and shared a library of elements with StraighterLine so their developers and marketing team could easily build non-eCommerce pages. That allowed us to work in parallel and launch on time.

Sustainable and Upgradeable

Blue Acorn unobtrusively added mobile functionality and used javascript to build the navigation.  The smooth transition in architecture allowed them to take it to the next level.

Data-Driven Decisions

Our team went through analytics and discovered that Apple products were the most popular devices used to browse their site. With that information, our UI team set the breakpoints as the iPhone and iPad screen size.

"They've always rallied to do whatever we needed them to do, and that relationship has just continued to get better throughout the engagement."

− Matthew Kraft, VP of Technology
increase in site wide conversion rate POP
mobile conversion rate YOY
increase in revenue POP
revenue per visitor POP

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