The Situation

As an industry leader in creating functional, protective, stylish accessories for the most popular electronic devices in the world, Speck relies on Blue Acorn to ensure their site lives up to the level of performance and innovation that their tech-savvy customers expect. Speed and stability were of the utmost importance, but Blue Acorn also aimed to improve the shopping experience for Speck customers on every device.

The Solution

After drastically improving page load times, we provided Speck with superior remarketing capabilities without compromising site performance by optimizing a Listrak cookie dropper. We then created the illusion of a cart with Magento’s review order box by serving up the checkout on the same page in a highly-customized shopping cart. The new cart and checkout resulted in an immediate 20% increase in conversion rate.

Performance Optimization

To keep pages loading fast for the 20K-to-40K visitors that visit Speck every day, Blue Acorn took full advantage of two CDN’s and two web servers with a load balancer, and reconfigured their site to benefit from the memory caching services offered by PEER1.

Responsive Launch

Blue Acorn created a responsive site with a mobile-first, cart-first approach. By securing a good experience on the most content-ridden and most crucial page on the smallest device, we were able to create a reliable shopping experience for Speck’s customers, no matter what device they use to shop.

Magento Training

During the process, we provided a foundation of Magento knowledge that allowed Speck to hit the ground running upon launch.

"I not only consider the team at Blue Acorn my colleagues and “keeper of the code,” but my friends as well. This relationship stems from the trust we put in them to care for and maintain our site, but also the willingness to have ownership over their work to allow them to feel pride over our digital property. This give and take of ideas — while the team at Blue Acorn meticulously parse out my BS grandiose ideas from the real meat — keeps us all honest and working toward the goal. It’s been a fantastic partnership."

− Kyle Duford, eCommerce Manager
lift in cart to checkout conversion rate
reduction in page load time (entire site)

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