Whether they need a PDP redesign, UX recommendations, personalization testing ideas, or any other help with optimization, the ShoeBuy team appreciates that they can call on Blue Acorn any time, for anything. Knowing that many of our clients have sophisticated teams who might only need help occasionally, Blue Acorn made a conscious decision not to lock our clients into a full suite of services. The decision has paid off, and it’s a win for our clients, who love being able to call on us when they need us, and for our team, because we get to keep our skills sharp while taking part in some really interesting projects.


Up Next

A/B testing is an important component of ShoeBuy’s testing strategy, and personalization will be a key focus in the near future. Blue Acorn also currently helping the team work through a flash of unstyled content issue for an upcoming homepage test, since it’s an area of expertise for our team.

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