The Situation

Prior to Magento, Reed & Barton’s eCommerce system had been built from the ground up on a proprietary platform by a group of people who were no longer supporting it. Making changes was very difficult, if possible at all. The site lacked efficiency, looked and felt dated, and was truly holding Reed & Barton back from moving both channels of their business forward. They needed an eCommerce solution that addressed both their B2C and B2B sales channels.

The Solution

Blue Acorn’s multi-site eCommerce solution lends itself equally well to both web and mobile, drives two sales channels, caters to three distinctly different user groups, features custom-built SAP and Adobe Scene7 integrations, and maintains a custom design as elegant, yet purposeful as Reed & Barton’s products. These improvements haven’t just improved Reed & Barton’s B2C eCommerce sales, they have dramatically improved the way their B2B sales channel operates.

SAP Integration

By allowing for a direct integration with SAP, Magento has enabled Reed & Barton’s sales reps to be completely removed from the order-writing process, which has led to enormous gains in efficiency and productivity.


Blue Acorn created a dealer portal with unique features, quick orders, restock order forms, sales rep dealer emulation, and all the personalization options offered to B2C customers.

Personalized Product Preview

Besides allowing customers to preview personalized products, the integration ensured that customized products and corresponding images were retained throughout the checkout process and stored against the order for future reference, as well as being sent to the engravers for accuracy in the engraving process.

"From the very outset, there was a lot of give and take, and we could just tell that our ideas were being seriously considered and weighed. Even if something wasn’t possible, Blue Acorn found another way of approaching it, which was something that we continued to see throughout the entire process. These were extremely difficult projects. The consumer site, I feel, was at one level, and with the dealer site, I feel we kicked it up to a completely different level. The functionality is just so perfect. It’s going to be extremely beneficial for us."

− Tim Riddle, President
increase in gross sales POP
average order value YOY
increase in pageviews YOY
increase in time on site YOY

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