Camera Package Builder

Olympus came to Blue Acorn for help in 2013. They already had a site built but wanted to do a reimplementation to include a camera package builder and stackable discount bundle. With the help of complex, custom development work and hundreds of configurations, Blue Acorn was able to create a package builder that dynamically tallies discounts every time a customer adds something to their cart, making accessories some of Olympus’s top selling items.


eCommerce + Content = Experience

Worldwide, Olympus websites follow a strict format dictated by their corporate office in Japan, but Olympus’s CEO was so impressed with Blue Acorn’s “ brilliant” combination of eCommerce and content that he decided to allow the new North American site to remain unique from the rest.


Experience Beautiful Mobile

Blue Acorn was challenged with fitting a complex experience and rich content onto a tiny phone screen. We were able to accomplish this by leveraging smart sticky elements as well as maintaining the experience logic that intelligently guides the customer through purchasing a bundled product. The beauty and fluidity of it outweighs that of the desktop version, pleasing the eye while simultaneously creating an incredible shopping experience.

"It’s clear your team has the technical knowledge and resources to complete work quickly and efficiently. Our only regret is that we didn’t engage you guys for the initial build out last year."

− Dennis Sheridan, Senior Manager, Olympus Camera

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