Critter Travel Conditions

A unique custom feature provides alerts about when it is safe to ship critters, gently steering customers toward overnight shipping. Weather conditions are easily managed by a site admin.

Butterfly Stories

Insect Lore’s homepage showcases user-generated photos and video that are auto-harvested from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, and are then displayed following admin approval.

Live Chat

Shipping live insects comes with no shortage of customer questions. Blue Acorn integrated a live chat feature by Olark to equip Insect Lore’s team with an easy, effective way to respond instantly to questions about everything from gift certificate redemption to chrysalid care.

increase in AOV
increase in revenue per visitor

"Blue Acorn was a great fit for us not only because of their extensive Magento development expertise, but also because of their creativity and energy. As we looked for a long-term partner, it was important to find an agency that understood the educational and emotional value of our product and would build an innovative experience to match."

− Anita Veldboom, Vice President of Digital and Social Media Marketing, Insect Lore

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