The Situation

Char-Broil has been supplying grill gear to people for over thirty years. They currently distribute more gas grills across the United States than any other brand. Just ten days before launching their new site, they contacted the Magento experts at Blue Acorn to take a closer look at the site they had built. The quick consultation eventually led to giving them significant gains in site performance, maintaining their SEO, and showing them their highest revenue numbers ever online.

The Solution

We went through our pre-launch checklist and discovered their page load times to be unacceptably long. Blue Acorn acted quickly and reduced the file sizes of all the images on the site, which effectively cut their page load times in half. After we discovered several detrimental SEO practices, we fixed their management of alternate domains and eliminated a systemic duplicate content issue. Without our advice, they would have crippled their SEO. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.


After the launch, we discovered that, under their former architecture, the page load times were still higher than we would have liked them to be. By installing Varnish, we reduced page load time to less than three seconds.

Insane PPC

Our strategic team launched a PPC campaign that exceeded their minimum goals by 1,000%. In fact, in the first 90 days of our involvement, Char-Broil experienced their highest number of transactions in a day ever.

"We always felt confident that the project was moving forward at a good speed without compromising the quality or details. We’d recommend Blue Acorn to anyone developing an eCommerce site but especially to those who want to impart a personal experience to customers who visited their website. Blue Acorn is masterful at creating a website that is an individualized expression of your company, both in functionality and personality."

− Michelle Zeller, VP of Marketing
PPC return on ad spend
reduction in page load times

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