The Situation

Chesapeake Fine Food Group is the parent company for three gourmet food suppliers: Mackenzie Limited, Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More, and the recently acquired Impromptu Gourmet. For their big holiday season, which begins with the release of their catalogs in September, they wanted a fresh new look and a multi-site setup. They needed a company that had the Magento expertise and eCommerce design knowledge to build a well-oiled trio of sites that complemented the look of their signature catalogs.

The Solution

Blue Acorn created a multi-site solution with a unified shopping cart across all three stores. Each store has a custom design and theme but a unified infrastructure. The result is a seamless integration that caters to all their different customer bases. When it came to designing the sites, we didn’t want to get between customers and the mouthwatering food photography. So we took away the vertical navigation and built a custom horizontal navigation, which opened the door to showcase their products with larger photographs.

Custom Horizontal Checkout

After examining their shopper expectations and patterns on the site, we created a custom horizontal checkout that would match the horizontal navigation and simplify the checkout process.

Finger-Friendly design

We built with the future of mobile eCommerce in mind. Careful spacing and structure give each site the flexibility to appear on any size resolution screen in beautiful detail. Users of tablets and mobile devices won’t have any trouble pressing buttons or reading text.

Leveraging Magento’s Strength

As complicated as a multi-store setup sounds, we sought to make it simple. By improving the basic functions of Magento, we put the bulk of the heavy lifting on Magento’s capable shoulders, turning a complex need into a simple implementation.

Seamless ERP Integration

With a multi-site setup, it’s easy to create communication problems with the warehouse. Not so for CFFG. We fully integrated their ERP system– so before an order gets to the warehouse, we’ve already accounted which site gets credit. Chesapeake’s customer service reps won’t even notice a change.

"It’s not easy to translate what you hope to achieve in design into a finished product, and you all managed to do it and do it exceptionally well. In every way, shape, and form, I couldn’t be more pleased with what we ended up with."

− Kate Glenn, Co-founder
increase in revenue on Chesapeake
increase in revenue on Impromptu Gourmet
increase in AOV on Mackenzie Ltd.
increase in avg. visit duration

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