Custom Product Page

Blue Acorn’s developers had to find a unique way to showcase a small product catalog without cluttering the page. The result is an in-depth product page featuring everything from 360-degree views to demo videos.

NetSuite ERP Integration

For real-time inventory and order management and resource planning, Blue Acorn performed an NetSuite ERP integration.

Social Sharing

Blue Acorn added custom social sharing and commenting options to the product pages.

"“Blue Acorn did a wonderful job of bringing it all together, starting from zero, and making sure that we had the right plan from the beginning. Everybody was on the same page as far as what were our goals, objectives, and - ultimately - the collective task of executing those goals and objectives.”"

− Andy Youngs, Founder & CEO, Apera
increase in site wide conversion rate POP
mobile conversion rate YOY
increase in revenue POP
revenue per visitor POP

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