Blue Acorn Client Named Finalist for Magento’s “Most Innovative Site of 2011” Award

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We’ve already told you what we’ll be up to at this year’s Imagine eCommerce Worldwide Conference, and we’ve got one more surprise…

Blue Acorn is extremely pleased to announce that our client, Reed & Barton, has been chosen as one of the three finalists for Magento’s Most Innovative Site of 2011 award. It’s the first time such an award has ever been given away by Magento, and we are honored to have been selected as a finalist when we know – very well – just how many great Magento sites were launched last year.

Entries for this award came in from Magneto Solution Partners around the world, and Magento narrowed the field down to three finalists. These three finalists will have their sites presented at next week’s Imagine conference, where the winner will be determined by a popular vote among all of the conference attendees that will take place at the conference.

UPDATE: We won!

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