[Webinar] Optimizing your Checkout Flow for Conversions

checkout flow

As an ecommerce professional, you focus heavily on visitor acquisition, which is vital, but are you focusing enough on conversion optimization? Most brands are not. Don’t miss this event as two ecommerce industry experts with over 23 years of combined experience dish on:

  • Why your goal should be getting out of the way of the user as much as possible
  • The importance of segmenting, testing, and optimizing by device used
  • Real results and lessons learned
  • More!

Featuring AddShoppers CRO and co-founder Chad Ledford, and Blue Acorn Director of Optimization Jay Atkinson

Who: You + Blue Acorn, AddShoppers

When: On Demand

Where: Webinar

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About Elliot Volkman

Elliot is Blue Acorn's Digital Marketing Manager. He hold a master's degree in communication from Gonzaga, and has several awards for journalism and digital marketing. In his spare time he likes to brew beer and contribute to the digital world through his non-profit, Digital District.

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