About Us

Blue Acorn is a premium eCommerce agency helping retailers and brands achieve eCommerce growth through a comprehensive, data-driven approach.

eCommerce is all that we do…

We’re not a web development agency trying to maximize our revenue by attempting to build anything that can exist on the web. We only focus on eCommerce, but within that area of focus, we aim to excel at every aspect of it. This means we don’t just look at design or development or optimization. We look at all of it. Our comprehensive approach enables us to achieve the best results possible for our clients.

Being comprehensive doesn’t mean we are an agency full of generalists. All of our team members are experts in their respective area. They can be interested in as many areas of our eCommerce success stories as they like, but within our project teams, every member has a specific area of focus. Choosing where to apply our expertise is actually a big part of Blue Acorn’s history.

How it all started…

When Kevin Eichelberger founded Blue Acorn, he didn’t want to be all things to everyone who wanted to be on the web. As an eCommerce entrepreneur himself, he wanted to focus on helping other online retailers achieve their goals. At the time, the world of eCommerce “solutions” for online retailers was an overcrowded space of web development generalists that left many online retailers yearning for more – more expertise, more value, and more love. So in 2007, Kevin started Blue Acorn and blogged about his thoughts and approach to eCommerce. Those thoughts were well received, and the demand for services to accompany them would soon follow.

Blue Acorn was founded with eCommerce in mind. We weren’t a team of website developers that migrated into eCommerce because that’s where the opportunities were. Many of us at Blue Acorn got our start in eCommerce through managing our own online stores, but for us, simply having an online store wasn’t enough. We wanted more automated features, more traffic, and more conversions. So we studied and tested and built and designed and tested some more. Everything we’ve learned over the years, we share with our valued clients. You’ll benefit from our trials and errors, rather than going through them yourself. Your online store(s) will keep up with the ever-changing landscape of online retail because you have us as a partner, which will allow you to focus on your core business.

Where we are today…

Today, Blue Acorn is a full service eCommerce agency, and we have gone to great lengths to recruit experts for every piece of the eCommerce success puzzle. Our clients don’t have to go to one company for design, another for development, another for marketing, and another for optimization. They have us. While we do take on clients that just need help in a particular area, we enjoy the opportunity to utilize our collective skillset in helping online retailers grow.

We look for partners, not projects. We care about our clients’ continued success beyond their initial launch. We want to ensure the online store we build for you is continuing to outperform your competition for years to come. This requires dedication, experience, intelligence, and creativity to achieve growth in such a competitive landscape. It is this very challenge of growing an online retailer that fuels Blue Acorn’s passion for eCommerce and everything we do.

About Us